Understanding Sharps and Flats on Guitar Part 3

Now let’s take a look at the sharps and flats.

Remember for a sharp you simply move one fret higher than the natural note.  The reverse is true for a flat.  So for a flat go one fret lower than the natural note.

Here is the note F found on the first fret of the 6th string.


If you raise an F by one fret you get an F#.


Now here is the note G…


If you lower the G by one fret you get a Gb.



The F# and Gb are enharmonic equivalents—they sound the same on the guitar, but are written differently.

Now here is a diagram with all of the sharps and natural notes up to the twelfth fret.

Natural Notes and Sharps on the Guitar Neck

Here is the same diagram except this time it shows flats instead of sharps.

Natural Notes and Flats on the Guitar Neck

You’ve now got the basics of how the guitar fretboard is mapped out with natural notes, sharps and flats.

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